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Aviation universities main article

Collegiate Aviation Programs are the Pilot Pipeline

Anyone who knows the airline industry will agree that it faces one pressing and indisputable issue: High-seniority pilots from the regional airlines are being recruited by the major carriers to crew growing fleets, creating an acute shortage of qualified pilots coming into the regional airline system as first officers.

Fitness secrets of the airshow stars   flight today   air   space magazine article
Air & Space/Smithsonian

Fitness Secrets of the Airshow Stars

Flying aerobatics is hard work. If you doubt it, watch Sean D. Tucker flying his famous Centrifuge maneuver in his Pitts-based Challenger III. Diving for the ground, he pitches up hard and starts a series of gyroscopic, sustained nose-over-tail tumbles in an arc past show center. As he continues flipping his biplane past the audience, the blood in his body alternates rapidly between being sucked toward his feet and being jammed back into his brain. “It’s the toughest 20 seconds of my act,” says Tucker. “If you are not in shape, that’s when you can black out.”

Cessna flyer destination florence 2 article

Cessna Flyer Magazine Feature Story: Destination Florence Oregon

The Oregon Coast has too much to do in just one day for GA pilots, and this article shows how they can use Florence, Oregon as their home base for a great vacation.

Kyle franklin dracula article

Airshow Performer Kyle Franklin Talks Family and Flying | Flying Magazine

The flying Franklins started with Kyle’s grandfather, Oliver Gene “Zip” Franklin, who bought a 1929 Doyle Special at the age of 16. The eldest Franklin mainly used airplanes as farm equipment to fly between two family ranches, and he had his son Jimmy with him in the cockpit while still in diapers before the lad learned to fly — at only 8 years old.

Tyson weihs article

How ForeFlight CEO Tyson Weihs Dominated Aviation Apps | Flying Magazine

If you fly with an iPad, there is a good chance you do it with ForeFlight leading the way. It’s hard to find an app in any industry that dominates the way ForeFlight Mobile does because it just works.

Papalouie desktop article
AOPA Pilot

AOPA Pilot Magazine: Papa Louie, the Old Radio, and Flying

When I was a very young boy, my father and I had a plan. Maybe it was just so much blue-sky dreaming, but it was our plan, and it was great.

From as early as I can remember, my dad, whom we affectionately called Papa Louie, liked airplanes. He had friends who flew, and he went up as a passenger any time the opportunity arose. It was my dad's goal to learn to fly and to eventually buy an airplane of his own. He would then teach me to fly it, and I would spend eternity flying him and his friends all over as my dad's own personal charter pilot.

4c704b823894e663c696fb5ee0a8793f s article

Piper flyer - Chicagoland: Fly in and Feast on Aviation History

December 2014- Visiting pilots can go full-immersion at two of the area's best aviation-themed restaurants, plus so much more. Unless you live in the......

Open uri20140613 2603 16bbjhc article

Piper Flyer Magazine Feature Story: Abundance at the Runway's End

In our endless quest to find exciting places to point our airplanes, there are two undeniable factors that almost always dictate if any new destination is going to end up at the far end of a flight plan. And you'll be surprised to find out they have nothing to do with hundred-dollar hamburgers.

Stahr belly angel article

EAA Sport Aviation Magazine Feature -The High Art of John Stahr

An Intricate Blend of Air, Paint, and Unbridled Creativity Brings Aircraft Owners’ Dreams to Life.

Adv imagery 2 article

Professional Photography: How to Shoot for Advertising

Advertising: it is around us every day. It asks us to buy something, go somewhere, or become someone’s customer. In our hyper-connected world, we see advertising images everywhere we look. Most never make it into our sphere of consciousness. It takes a special kind of image to be remarkable enough to grab you and make you notice the product or service.

Img 9332 copy article

Air-to-Air Photography: Shooting Magazine Covers with Jim Koepnick

Back in high school, Oshkosh, Wisconsin photographer Jim Koepnick used the generic exposure guide on the slide film box to set exposures on his Argus C3 camera. He didn’t know at the time that playing around with a few boxes of Kodachrone would lead to hundreds of magazine covers and an uncountable amount of published images.

Best opening spread article

Cessna Flyer Association - As Big as the Sky Itself

In a remote canyon deep in the backcountry wilderness somewhere, the distinctive sound of a TSIO-520 Continental engine can be heard as a TU206 Turbo Stationair weaves its way around one blind turn, and then another, before dropping into a remote grass strip and taxiing up to the other planes and pilots already camped there.

Blogger image  1082274433 article

If #OSH16 is Any Barometer, GA is Doing Just Fine - Airplanista Aviation Blog

(OSHKOSH, WI) As I depart today from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, waiting for the shuttle back to KATW, it gives me time to reflect on this past most wonderful week. It has been one filled to overflowing with everything that makes this trip mandatory for me each year - good friends, great airplanes, and the joy that comes from participating in the World's Largest Aviation Celebration.

Raf lead article

Airplanista Aviation Blog - RAF Introduces me to Backcountry Flying With Two Fun Days at Sullivan Lake

There are so many great benefits to owning your own airplane, and each one of those flying machines have different capabilities to serve different missions. Some haul lots of people and baggage long distances, while others have oversized main gear tires and can deliver you and your camping gear into remote "backcountry" strips carved out of beautiful forests. Choose your ship to match your mission.

Airplanista 1 article

Airplanista Magazine: Light Fantastique

When you combine a gazillion watts of portable flash power with a photographer clever enough to get the rig certified to light off inside aircraft, the results are as dramatic as they are beautiful.