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Papalouie desktop article
AOPA Pilot

AOPA Pilot Magazine: Papa Louie, the Old Radio, and Flying

When I was a very young boy, my father and I had a plan. Maybe it was just so much blue-sky dreaming, but it was our plan, and it was great.

From as early as I can remember, my dad, whom we affectionately called Papa Louie, liked airplanes. He had friends who flew, and he went up as a passenger any time the opportunity arose. It was my dad's goal to learn to fly and to eventually buy an airplane of his own. He would then teach me to fly it, and I would spend eternity flying him and his friends all over as my dad's own personal charter pilot.

Meeks gww article
AOPA Pilot

AOPA Pilot Magazine: Girls with wings

Lynda Meeks is the motivational force behind Girls With Wings, the nonprofit organization she founded for the sole purpose of bringing the aviation world into the lives of as many young women as possible.

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AOPA Pilot

AOPA Pilot Magazine: Aviation's Forgotten Pioneer

Stop by the coffee shop at any local airport and you'll find a couple of tables filled with general aviation pilots telling hangar stories, those wonderfully famous exaggerations of yesterday's flying adventures.

Everyone at the table will be an aviation historian on some level, each with his or her own wealth of knowledge, each happy to tell you about it. Ask them anything, and chances are the answer will be provided faster than Google could deliver it from somewhere out in cyberspace.

AOPA Pilot

Coming Together, we can do big things and small things

As I type my husband and I are en route to Oshkosh for AirVenture 2014. On the first day, after having flown 5.5 hours, we landed in Dumas, Texas  at Moore County Airport[KDUX]. What a sweet airport. A nice young man driving a golf cart who called me Ma’am greeted...

AOPA Pilot

Glimpse GA’s future by hanging out with some ‘Millennials’

We in the aviation family spend a great deal of time discussing how to bring young people into flying, so they can grow up, get their tickets, and eventually become the aviation consumers and advocates of tomorrow. As our senior pilot population goes west, it is the responsibility of what...

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AOPA Pilot

July « 2014 « Opinion Leaders

Jul 26, 2014 ... I am particularly intrigued by Dan Pimentel's Airplanista blog and ... AOPA, Dan Johnson President, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, ......

AOPA Pilot

Dream machine: Passionate aviator lets his airplane do the talking

From those very first days when we hung on an airport fence staring at strange but wonderful machines flying overhead, we aviators have allowed our passion for flying to manifest in many ways. This enthusiasm we share is sometimes shown as spectacular accomplishments on the national stage. But while some...

Aopa article
AOPA Pilot

Pilot Briefing: Milestones

49 state capitals in two weeks...

Aopa article
AOPA Pilot

Pilot Briefing

‘American Angel’ A beautiful ambassador for general aviation Eugene, Oregon’s John Stahr, an airbrush artist, is known for painting intricate works of art on everything from R44 Raven helicopters to Global Express business jets. His nose-to-spinner paint designs are always crowd pleasers, and his RV–8, American Angel, is fast becoming...