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If #OSH16 is Any Barometer, GA is Doing Just Fine - Airplanista Aviation Blog

(OSHKOSH, WI) As I depart today from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, waiting for the shuttle back to KATW, it gives me time to reflect on this past most wonderful week. It has been one filled to overflowing with everything that makes this trip mandatory for me each year - good friends, great airplanes, and the joy that comes from participating in the World's Largest Aviation Celebration.

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Airplanista Aviation Blog - RAF Introduces me to Backcountry Flying With Two Fun Days at Sullivan Lake

There are so many great benefits to owning your own airplane, and each one of those flying machines have different capabilities to serve different missions. Some haul lots of people and baggage long distances, while others have oversized main gear tires and can deliver you and your camping gear into remote "backcountry" strips carved out of beautiful forests. Choose your ship to match your mission.

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Airplanista: Full-tilt #Avgeekery on Display at AirVenture's Camp Bacon

If you hang around this blog long enough or follow the #OSH14 feed on Twitter, you've no doubt heard of Camp Bacon...a growing encampment of #avgeeks that inhabits a large corner of Camp Scholler this time each year. There you find a celebration of airplanes, technology and the Sus scrofa domesticus.

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Airplanista: A Successful Flight School Understands Its Responsibility to Educate and Inspire Young People

Ask anyone in the flight training business and they'll talk at length about the need to reach out to children and young people as a means to "light fires" for aviation, as we often say.

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Airplanista: Marketing Aviation to the Public: Change the Game or Risk Extinction

We need to make flying a fad, like Zumba, or the Ice Bucket Challenge, or yes, even bacon. Light off a big glitzy print campaign, run edgy spots with smiling young faces on cable channels that these demos watch, and enlist every trick in the book to saturate social media with the message that if you want to hang with the cool kids, you had better be a pilot because all the adventurous hip people are out at the airport. And NOT the big airline airport.

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Airplanista: AOPA's brilliant decision to replace Summits with local/regional events is a positive change

This is a sea change in the philosophy behind AOPA operations and how the association relates to its members.

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Social Media Ignorance: Aviation's 'Canary in the Coal Mine'

Jan 26, 2015 ... By Dan Pimentel, Airplanista Blog Editor Everyone reading this article knows general aviation HAS to grow in the coming is the single ......

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Airplanista: Strong Women of Aviation: Getting your 'Mommy" rating doesn't have to mean you can't be a Pilot too!

In another of my "Strong Women of Aviation" interview series, I introduce you to a high-time professional pilot who is clear evidence that for a female, having children does not have to mean your flying dreams stop about the time the diapers start needing to be changed.

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Airplanista: Strong Women of Aviation: You've got to go for it when 'spunkiness' is in your name

In this installment of my continuing series, I'm introducing you to another female pilot who defines what being an aviator is all about.

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Airplanista: Oshbash 2014: Announcing the GA Power Collective

This is the time of the year when I get really giddy as I announce what fun we #Avgeeks will have at this blog's annual social media meet-up event known as #Oshbash.

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Airplanista: Area Forecast: The Power of Twitter Brings ...

People who know me and follow my writing career know I spend a good piece of every day and night communicating with #Avgeeks on Twitter. To me, that popular social platform represents the most effective and efficient way to stay close to the aviation family in real time.

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Airplanista: I believe this settles the debate: She IS going to fly one day

For 5.5 years since my granddaughter has been on this Earth, we have debated whether she will ever take an interest in airplanes, and in this wonderful thing I call the aviation family.

Well today, I think this debate ended.

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Airplanista: Relive the Golden Age of Air Travel in Pan Am: An Aviation Legend

The author's large body of work contributes to the classy presentation of Pan Am: An Aviation Legend, with each word being relevant and important. There is no filler here, this is Filet Mignon for the brain. Crack the hardcover and savor a few bites. If you have a shred of aviator in you, soon you'll be curled up in a comfortable chair, feasting on an aviation history delicacy that will be impossible to put down.

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Airplanista: #Avgeek Community Mobilizes to "Pimp" Santa's Sleigh for 2013 Present Run

If you've been wondering where some of our favorite #avgeeks have gone to on Twitter, I have the answer.

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Airplanista: Gulfstream Treatment, Piper Style

There is one thing about our GA community that never ceases to amaze me. And each time it happens to me, it reaffirms that being a licensed pilot flying your own private aircraft is about as good as The American Dream gets.