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Cessna flyer destination florence 2 article

Cessna Flyer Magazine Feature Story: Destination Florence Oregon

The Oregon Coast has too much to do in just one day for GA pilots, and this article shows how they can use Florence, Oregon as their home base for a great vacation.

Best opening spread article

Cessna Flyer Association - As Big as the Sky Itself

In a remote canyon deep in the backcountry wilderness somewhere, the distinctive sound of a TSIO-520 Continental engine can be heard as a TU206 Turbo Stationair weaves its way around one blind turn, and then another, before dropping into a remote grass strip and taxiing up to the other planes and pilots already camped there.

Jamie article

Cessna Flyer Magazine: Over Sandwiches and Sodas

My February, 2014 Affirmative Attitude column from Cessna Flyer Magazine - Meet Jamie Beckett and the Polk Count Aviation Alliance

Jaars booth   oshkosh 2014 article

Cessna Flyer Magazine - A Full Year's Worth

Half a million stories, ready for sharing, can be found at Oshkosh.

I have just returned from several incredible days at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (or just 'Oshkosh" to most attendees), which, for one week a year, becomes the epicenter of the aviation universe. The show has everything we aviators crave, and as an aviation writer, my to-do list included finding some interesting people to write about for this Affirmative Attitude column.

Best pemberton family with 40c article

Cessna Flyer Magazine: Restoration Heaven

We see vintage airplanes at airshows and are in love, because nothing else grabs an aviator's soul and refuses to let go quite like these flying museum pieces. But under that perfect skin is evidence that some very skilled masters have poured thousands of hours into their work.

Open uri20140724 17149 oi6zfd article

Cessna Flyer Magazine: The People Keep Us Coming Back

Each summer, the aviation family makes the pilgrimage to the shores of Lake Winnebago. They come to a city that for 51 weeks of the year is a near-perfect example of Middle America, full of friendly people, all ready to welcome you into their homes.

Robin with kids and plane article

Cessna Flyer Magazine: The A-List

As I search our aviation family to find aviators who are reshaping the world with their perfectly-executed and brilliant ideas, I occasionally find one person who is doing what most people would say is the impossible. These super-motivators have made it their life’s work to never listen when others say something can’t be done, and they refuse to let seemingly insurmountable hurdles slow them down in their quest to achieve great outcomes against incredibly challenging odds.

26fdc8bcfe874d68b945cfc55e1c7548 s article

Cessna Flyer Association - AirVenture Fundamentals

Flying to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Cessna Flyer Association's 10th anniversary....

D1ed2bf3d11f7e7a6f189af32a153713 s article

Cessna Flyer Association - Cessna's Cardinal: A Welcome Addition to Every Cessna Group

February 2015- Each year aircraft owner groups gather at predetermined rendezvous points around the Midwest with their aircraft, and in formation each......

A5cfeb7eb858a454222c6a713718c016 s article

Cessna Flyer Association - Abundance at the Runway’s End

Flying your airplane to Oregon's Cascade Range at Sunriver Resort and Airport....

55d4420dd6cd56f2e756dd2f75804f62 s article

Cessna Flyer Association - "Best of the Best" Airport Restaurants Part One

John Purner's $100 Hamburger guide and website details all of the airport restaurants you absolutely must visit....

E50216f3bf021078f78a0e2e997a0047 s article

Cessna Flyer Association - "Best of the Best" Airport Restaurants Part Two

Part two of John Purner's best restaurants to visit for a $100 hamburger....