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Aviation universities main article

Collegiate Aviation Programs are the Pilot Pipeline

Anyone who knows the airline industry will agree that it faces one pressing and indisputable issue: High-seniority pilots from the regional airlines are being recruited by the major carriers to crew growing fleets, creating an acute shortage of qualified pilots coming into the regional airline system as first officers.

Kyle franklin dracula article

Airshow Performer Kyle Franklin Talks Family and Flying | Flying Magazine

The flying Franklins started with Kyle’s grandfather, Oliver Gene “Zip” Franklin, who bought a 1929 Doyle Special at the age of 16. The eldest Franklin mainly used airplanes as farm equipment to fly between two family ranches, and he had his son Jimmy with him in the cockpit while still in diapers before the lad learned to fly — at only 8 years old.

Tyson weihs article

How ForeFlight CEO Tyson Weihs Dominated Aviation Apps | Flying Magazine

If you fly with an iPad, there is a good chance you do it with ForeFlight leading the way. It’s hard to find an app in any industry that dominates the way ForeFlight Mobile does because it just works.