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Piper flyer - Chicagoland: Fly in and Feast on Aviation History

December 2014- Visiting pilots can go full-immersion at two of the area's best aviation-themed restaurants, plus so much more. Unless you live in the......

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Piper Flyer Magazine Feature Story: Abundance at the Runway's End

In our endless quest to find exciting places to point our airplanes, there are two undeniable factors that almost always dictate if any new destination is going to end up at the far end of a flight plan. And you'll be surprised to find out they have nothing to do with hundred-dollar hamburgers.

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Piper Flyer Magazine Feature - "Best of the Best" Airport Restaurants Part Two

Start flight planning today to point your Piper at these destinations, where an awesome meal awaits.

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Piper Flyer Magazine: Imagine the Good

Imagine the life of dogs locked helpless in row after row of cages, without any hope or way out. These pets are no longer wanted for a variety of reasons, and there's a 60 to 70 percent chance they'll soon be euthanized—a death sentence they clearly did not deserve.

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Piper Flyer Magazine: An Affirmative Attitude is How We Move GA Forward

My January, 2014 Affirmative Attitude column from Piper Flyer Magazine.